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His and Hers Cargo Bikes

They say people look like their dogs, but it always makes me smile when we arrive with a customer’s new cargo bike, and find that it looks just like their car! Here are 2 recent examples.



Power to the Flower

florist delivery bike

Flower power and a cargo bike….sounds like heaven for many cargo bike ladies out there.The flowers designed by Flower4Metz, were truly stunning and made the Winther Cargoo the hit of the British Florist Association annual conference . Look out for the selfies on Facebook!

Nihola Dog Delight


In honour of the very cute ‘trip Hazard’ performance on Britain’s Got Talent, I thought it only fair to share the cute photo of Brussels and his lovely owner. There is dog talent in the cargo bike world too. #niholadog #cargobike

A Cargo Bike with an Extra ‘Ooooh’


What a truly spectacular day to use a cargo bike for a school run, it was genuinely special, and today I took the Winther Cargoo Cargo bike.

The extra ‘o’ of the Cargoo made it smooth riding all the way. The ride compared to some others is soooooo light, manoeuvrable and oh so smooth. I fell in love with it all over again . Definitely one you should try before choosing your cargo bike, both for business and pleasure.     #cargobikelove



Babboe Curve – Triplet’s Chariot

These Triplets have a very special new cargo bike chariot for their nursery run.

Triplets, teddies and mum love their new Babboe Curve we delivered at the weekend.

Lovely mum says:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything we LOVE our bike 😀



New Cargo Bike Website


Spring is always a time for great new beginnings and for us a new cycling season awaits. Here is our latest website which offers an amazing range of cargo bikes and trikes, and some new extras for those cycling enthusiasts.

Perfect Good Friday


After all the cargo bike demo families had finished, what a great way to end an amazing Good Friday here at Kids and Family Cycles.

Wattbike is this at Kids and Family Cycles!

IMG_20160323_125221Kids and Family Cycles is so pleased to announce that we have become an official stockist and demonstration centre for the unrivalled Wattbike.

Open for test rides by appointment from April 4th 2016 or opt for our home demonstration service by calling us on 01425 270774 or text 07535493301

Both the trainer Wattbike and the pro Wattbike are ready for action here.

The staff here are already getting competitive and comparing power output, come and take the challenge!


Life’s Electric at Kids and Family Cycles


During the quieter darker months, we have been busy honing our skills for 2016, so we are now a registered Bosch Centre after our training recently.

Cargo bikes with e assist are a dream to ride and in our experience are reliable too, so take a look at our extensive range of electric cargo bikes at 

If you don’s see an electric assist option on the cargo bike, then do give us a call, as we have been involved with electric bikes since 2009 and been trained in the retro fitted sunstar system too here, so many cargo bikes can be converted at a later date if your cargo gets bigger.

Call: 01425 270774   07535493301

Egg..cellent Cargo Bikes Test Rides


Couldn’t resist the Easter pun, but just to let you know that Kids and Family Cycles will be open over the whole Easter Weekend.

We simply request that you call and book an approximate arrival time and preferred day. Why do we ask that you book?

  1. This dedicated time to you and your family, allows us to really help personally guide you through the different cargo bike decisions to arrive at the right one for you and your family needs.You can hop on and off different models to really compare them thoroughly.
  2. With kids that get bored very easily, hanging around while we deal with other customers makes the whole process tiresome for little ones. They want cargo bike action and they want it now!!
  3. We’ve also been busy developing our family friendly play zone, which should be finished soon, and will involve an impressive play area and trampoline.
  4. Here’s what a few happy customers had to say:

Testimonial for our after sales service:

“Your service is top-notch.  We know you care the utmost about the cycles and more importantly the customer.  You have done everything possible to ensure that our family cycle stays on the road, and we are very grateful for all that you have done.
Thank you for your incredible service.  From bringing to us 3 bikes to demo at our home, to the friendly servicing of the bike at our home – your service is nothing short of the best”


Thank you so much for all your help. This has been such an easy experience.

Rebecca. N London February 2014


Your bike demo is the best I have ever done, so helpful and comprehensive. Thank you. Alf – Hampshire 2015

See the best cargo trike demonstration fleet in the UK at


Hopefully see you soon……

.Call 01425 270774


or text 07535 493301 to book