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Power to the Flower

florist delivery bike

Flower power and a cargo bike….sounds like heaven for many cargo bike ladies out there.The flowers designed by Flower4Metz, were truly stunning and made the Winther Cargoo the hit of the British Florist Association annual conference . Look out for the selfies on Facebook!


Nihola Dog Delight


In honour of the very cute ‘trip Hazard’ performance on Britain’s Got Talent, I thought it only fair to share the cute photo of Brussels and his lovely owner. There is dog talent in the cargo bike world too. #niholadog #cargobike

A Cargo Bike with an Extra ‘Ooooh’


What a truly spectacular day to use a cargo bike for a school run, it was genuinely special, and today I took the Winther Cargoo Cargo bike.

The extra ‘o’ of the Cargoo made it smooth riding all the way. The ride compared to some others is soooooo light, manoeuvrable and oh so smooth. I fell in love with it all over again . Definitely one you should try before choosing your cargo bike, both for business and pleasure.     #cargobikelove



Babboe Curve – Triplet’s Chariot

These Triplets have a very special new cargo bike chariot for their nursery run.

Triplets, teddies and mum love their new Babboe Curve we delivered at the weekend.

Lovely mum says:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything we LOVE our bike 😀