Archive | October 2015

Taga Halloween Treat

This is my kind of Halloween Treat..£350 off a Taga..although my kids might think differently!

Just email me on with your postcode and I can send to a quote asap to allow you to take advantage of this offer which runs for orders up until 4th November. Or call on 01425 270774


Bubbles and Bellabike Cargo Bike

Love this Bellabike cargo bike design. What girl couldn’t resist the combination of bubbles and bikes.


Christmas All Sorted!

christmasbabboecargo bike

Can’t believe that I actually booked my Waitrose shopping slot for Christmas today.

Well beyond the call of duty to be this organised,so thought I should celebrate with this festive Babboe cargo bike.

So cute……tempted to go mad and be creative with lights this year for some festive cargo bike fun.

Frozen All The Way Home


Felt like having some fun with the cargo bike school run, so thought adding the cast of Frozen to our Christiania bike and a dash of ice cream should do the trick!Everyone looks happy to me!