Circe Helios Tandem – Bicycle made For 2 much fun!

Here’s some lovely’ in adventure’ pictures from one of our customers we supplied a Circe Helios Tandem Bike to recently.

Pictures range from Plymouth to Scotland, so this neat tandem bike has been very busy!

it is certainly busy in our household as our touring bike when we are out with our boys. A real great all rounder.

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About lifechangingbikes

Avid user of Cargo bikes and Cargo trikes with my 4 lively boys. Font of knowledge on cargo bikes, so if you have any burning questions, then please feel free to ping them my way.

2 responses to “Circe Helios Tandem – Bicycle made For 2 much fun!”

  1. Tuan says :

    I’m also considering buying the Helios Duo tandem. But I can’t decide betweeb this one and the Circe Morpheus. Since I cannot try them out where I live I was wandering If you did try both and could share some inside.
    Thank you

    • lifechangingbikes says :

      Hi Tuan, both are great, but it really depends on the preferred riding position of the stoker. I likes the Helios whereas my partner thought the Morpheus was fantastic too. The issue is whether the person likes their feet sticking out and in a slightly raised postion than normal. You can try both at if you are in the Cambridge area.

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