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Nihola – Who needs “walkies” when you have a cargo bike!


This lovely doggie loves his new nihola 4, the little passenger has also upgraded to a Bellabike reclining seat for those sleepy moments out on the cargo bike. All sorted.

The Bellabike seat can face forwards or towards the rider, and can be fitted with a Weber seat to nicely protect any riders under 9 months.

The nihola cargo bike can also fit a maxi cosi seat in the base


All purchased and fitted through  UK Cargo Bike and Cargo Trikes Specialist


The Zigo’s have finally landed


Sound like something from outer space, but not aliens, on this occasion, just some great Zigo leader cargo bikes.

So, busy day at Kids and Family Cycles, unloading the shipment of all colours of Zigo Leader Cargo Bikes.

All ready now for those school runs for September. Order soon, to avoid any disappointments or unnecessary school run tantrums after the Summer holidays. Delivery times are generally just a few days, so strike early and take advantage of some amazing Summer Cycling to your local parks.

For more information go to :

End of Term Cargo Bike Madness


This was our cargo bike school run this morning. Not sure what to say except think it must be the end of term!

Certainly made me giggle when I spotted what they had on, and a friend spied us and smiled all the way home…. Always probably better to use a the Christiania bike raincover than the swimming hat, but hey, have to admired my children ingenuity.


Cargo Bike Company in Bloom

IMG_20150705_104227 IMG_20150705_104256

I love this time of year when the workshop garden is blooming, adding to the joys of life.

With the seaside only 307m away, it’s a perfect location to combine a trip to the seaside or the New Forest and test ride our impressive range of cargo bikes. Last count was 13 trikes alone and many cargo bikes too, but we are expanding further soon with another 3 cargo bikes arriving soon.

There really is no better place in the UK to spend some time choosing the right cargo bike or cargo trike for your family or business. Quiet roads and child friendly environment helps to keep the stress low too.

Babboe- A Trip Down Memory Lane

IMG_20150702_185937_hdr IMG_20150702_190436_hdrCargo-Bike babboe range

Today, it was a pleasure to welcome the team from Babboe to Kids and Family Cycles and they kindly left us, with not only some great enthusiasm for the Babboe brand, but a great card game to play with our children too.

It was a bit of a trip down memory lane as it was the game I played as a child….the memory pairs game, but each card depicted a Babboe Cargo bike having a new adventure.

It also reminded me of a friend’s 8 year old who came home from school with great enthusiasm about a school trip that the teacher said would be happening soon. With all the enthusiasm of any child’s great expectations of a school trip he sweetly asked……..” Where is memory lane, as our teacher said he would be taking a trip down there this week”!! ¬†Glad I wasn’t the one breaking the bad news.

Nihola Bike – It’s Hot

IMG_20150630_162029_panorama IMG_20150630_162417_hdr

It was definitely a hoods off week this week, and we have enjoyed the wind in our hair cargo bike school run.

We even did a bit of insect spotting on the way home.

The nihola factory, like many Danish cargo bike manufacturers shuts for their Summer hols soon, so secure your cargo bike for the Summer and take advantage of some amazing cargo bike family adventures before you have to roll up to the school gates again.

Nihola bikes are currently in stock at Kids and Family Cycles, both the Nihola 4 and the nihola 2, with a lovely choice of Summer rainbow coloured hoods.

Call 01425 270774 to avoid missing out on some outdoor cargo bike time.