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Best Cargo Bike Demo Ever

best cargo bike demo ever

On a crisp start to post Christmas, Alf and his family arrived and braved the chilly conditions to test ride our range of trikes to find a solution for their school and nursery run.

Alf was amazed by our range of trikes available to actually test ride, and announced after his test ride

” this has been the best test ride session I had ever had. It was so comprehensive and practical”

Always lovely words to hear as a stockist and cargo bike enthusiast.

With 3 children to carry ranging from 8 months to 6 years, for Alf it came down to the vs Christiania, and it looks like the Christiania may have pipped the Bakfiets to the post.

The choice of the Christiania bike was because it offered a comfy way to carry the little one, but still gave great longevity to carry the older children, and it was a great ride too.

Job done, and off the family went to warm up with a delicious hot chocolate and cream at the beach cafe.

A great day had by all!


Christmas Cargo Bike Cheer from Babboe and Kids and Family Cycles