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A Christmas Cargo Bike Gift

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If you know your partner is harbouring a desire to purchase a cargo bike for Christmas, but you are not sure which one, then we have a great opportunity to protect the Christmas Day surprise, but  ensure you end up with the right cargo bike for your family.

Purchase a gift certificate for one of our cargo bike test rides at your home address.

We bring up to 4 cargo bikes to your home address to try out. Simply email me your full postcode, and I can send you quote for this service, and if you are happy, I will then supply a lovely card for you to present on the big day under the mistletoe!

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Cycling with a baby on a Christiania Cargo Bike – A Mum’s Tale

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If you are a new mum who’s thinking of taking the leap in 2015 and joining the growing cargo bike community in the UK, then you will enjoy this guest blog by a customer of ours.

Her choice after visiting us, was an electric Christiania cargo bike, and here is her view after 4 months ownership.

Read and Enjoy, so thank you to Vicky, a busy mum,  for taking the time to share her cargo bike journey.

If you want to start your journey, then get in touch and arrange a test ride, we have the biggest selection of child carrying trikes in the UK, and can guide you through picking the one that suits you best.

Weehoo Igo Bike Trailer hits Celebrity Status in the Apprentice

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We love the Weehoo Igo Bike trailer

We love the Weehoo Igo Bike trailer

The Weehoo Igo bike trailer has been a lovely journey for us at Kids and Family Cycles.

We were there from the start in the UK, and so like a child, we have watched it grow and have loved receiving so many lovely letters about how much the Weehoo igo bike trailer has changed the family lives.

It really does offer a great solution for those active little ones who want to cycle, but mum and Dad are not so sure they are mature enough. As a mum of 4 boys, the weehoo igo has been a hit with us too.

The long bike rides that had been abandoned by families once the children had arrived, suddenly became not only viable but enjoyable.

So, if you have a child between 2-9 years old and you are thinking of bike trailers or bike tag alongs, do put the Weehoo into the mix.

If you also have a child with any special needs, it also could offer you a cost effective cycling solution, and families with children with some special needs have found that it changes their lives too. Please feel free to call to see if we can help you decide if it is suitable.

We have demos of both the single and double Weehoo igo trailer here, so just give us a call on 01425 270774 or email us at and we can have it ready to roll.