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Cargo Bikes Feature in New Urban Cycling Book – We do too!

cargo_bike_caricature Amazon 1 coverbk2 cargo bikes

We are really excited to share Michael Cody’s enthusiasm for his new book which is about to launched on Amazon.

Michael has collected real life urban cycling stories from around the world to encourage others to move towards cycling as their main mode of transport.

We got involved as one of the cycling families with our cargo bikes, so can’t wait to read the book too! We love our family caricature …you can even spot demo dog!


Baby Beauty in a Cargo Bike


A recent young visitor agreed to  show how comfy she is in a Nihola or a Christiania cargo bike. Beautifully executed.

If you purchase your life changing cargo bike when your children are young, you will get maximum return from your investment. Prices from £1,275 Call 01425 270774 and talk us through your situation and we can prepare a summary of the most suitable options for you and your family needs.