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Christiania Bikes – Why Do They Ride So Beautifully?


Our customers have been getting their bikes ready for those busy Summer Holidays. This Christiania bike is looking great now it has been treated to a new rain hood.

Hi Carolyn,
I’ve been meaning to send you a picture of my brood and me with our lovely revamped bike. I really love the new hood and am very pleased with the colour. Thanks so much , I really appreciate it. Hope the business is going well. Let me know when you have some business cards and I’ll pop over to pick some up, I’m always getting comments!
Warm wishes


We have many customers who come to our workshop not knowing which cargo trike will be the right one for them. Some have never ridden a trike and look at the steering of a cargo trike like the Christiania as something rather alien.

However, it is always interesting when, after their first ride of a Christiania, they smile and announce:

 “this one felt intuitively right……and I really wasn’t expecting that”

So why does it feel so intuitively right…….

Take a look at this link of when the Discovery Channel team visited the Christiania Bike factory to understand why it is so good too. (starts at 09:28 in).

Our workshop is open all week and at weekends by appointment if you want to try them out too and make your choice.

Always happy to give advice and take demonstration bookings on 07535 49 33 01 OR 01425 270774

Written by : Carolyn Roberts – Cargo Bike Specialist at Kids and Family Cycles Ltd


Discover How Do They Do It – Christiania Bike Trike – Discovery Channel

Tonight in the UK on discovery channel at 8.30pm and 9.30pm (+1) there is a documentary on how Christiania make their great bikes to transport a family, including a visit to the factory.

Looking forward to settling down with the family to enjoy it, after making a lovely Christiania trike delivery to a family today.

We have Christiania trikes in stock, so call on 01425 270774 to make sure you have one for the Summer. It really will change your Summer.