Soggy Weekend Test for My New Cycling Raincoat





So not quite the Bank Holiday Weekend we were all hoping for, but I did get a chance to test out the new Cassandra cycling raincoat.

The coat arrived all crisp in tissue paper, the fabric felt practical but lush and it looked great too. 

On the Soggy school run, the first two mums I encountered, commented without prompting, about how nice it looked, so good start.

The weekend arrived, and we ventured to the Wheels festival at Bournemouth Pier, and I was oh so glad I had taken the plunge with this coat. Two  hours + in the rain, and nothing came through. My son had my classic cycling Night vision altura, and I took the stylish option with my new coat.

Basically, I love it, already accessorizing it….and thinking I may even be tempted to indulge in a red one too!!

If I had any negative comments…..and we are talking minor here……I am a sucker for nice buttons, so these could have felt and looked a bit glossier. 

Well worth considering ladies. 


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Avid user of Cargo bikes and Cargo trikes with my 4 lively boys. Font of knowledge on cargo bikes, so if you have any burning questions, then please feel free to ping them my way.

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