Positive Feedback for Kids and Family Cycles Team

Everyone loves it when someone says nice things about what you do, and we are no differenct here at Kids and Family Cycles. We do live and breath bikes, and yes, our hallway does resemble a bike shed, with all our boys bikes and my cargo bike, ready to go at the drop of a hat. Just the way we like it!

We also hope we are spreading the love of cycling, so love this feedback we received last week from a new young enthusiast.

“Dear Carolyn,

So excited about the  bike. Our daughter wanted to sleep in it. It was difficult to get her out because she loved it so much. She woke up this morning with first word, Bike. I might have a cyclist on my hands. 

Thanks ever so much.

We also received a bottle of lovely Australian red wine from a couple who felt we had given them beyond the call of duty after sales support with their cargo bike. It gave a great warm feeling….and we haven’t even consumed the wine yet!

If you want to try out our amazing range of over 20 cargo bikes and trikes, we are open tomorrow, Bank holiday Monday, by appointment.Just give us a call on 01425 270774


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About lifechangingbikes

Avid user of Cargo bikes and Cargo trikes with my 4 lively boys. Font of knowledge on cargo bikes, so if you have any burning questions, then please feel free to ping them my way.

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