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Soggy Weekend Test for My New Cycling Raincoat





So not quite the Bank Holiday Weekend we were all hoping for, but I did get a chance to test out the new Cassandra cycling raincoat.

The coat arrived all crisp in tissue paper, the fabric felt practical but lush and it looked great too. 

On the Soggy school run, the first two mums I encountered, commented without prompting, about how nice it looked, so good start.

The weekend arrived, and we ventured to the Wheels festival at Bournemouth Pier, and I was oh so glad I had taken the plunge with this coat. Two  hours + in the rain, and nothing came through. My son had my classic cycling Night vision altura, and I took the stylish option with my new coat.

Basically, I love it, already accessorizing it….and thinking I may even be tempted to indulge in a red one too!!

If I had any negative comments…..and we are talking minor here……I am a sucker for nice buttons, so these could have felt and looked a bit glossier. 

Well worth considering ladies. 


Mr Kids and Family Cycles showing determination

The photos are now circulating, and it looks like Martin had to find some real determination to complete the 111miles with a headwind of 26km/h and intermittent rain.


Way to Cycle Martin – Well Done!

Just got an update that Martin, the Kids and Family Cycles mechanic, has completed the 111 mile ride from Crewe to Anglesey. Phew well done. The rain and westerly wind didn’t get him down.

He now takes on a 2 day tour of Anglesey with other riders who are overcoming disabilities to continue enjoying or even beginining the great sport of cycling.

Wish I could be there, but busy delivering bikes and open for test rides at the weekend, we still have a couple of slots on Sunday if anyone wants to try out our great range of life changing bikes.

Want to know more about empowered People. Check out this video



Empowered People Take to the Road


Tomorrow Martin, our mechanic is taking to the road on a charity ride for Empowered people. The support riders are heading to Angelsey from Crewe, through Snowdonia on an epic ride.

The winds are blowing and rain is forecast, but despite the odds, I know he will give it his all. That’s just the way he is! 

For me, I get a rest from trying to feed a 65kg sportman consuming over 4,000 calories a day during the build up to the challenge, but I will be busy putting the final touches to our new website, due to launch next week.

We have been scouring the world for new cycling solutions for families , many of which we have been testing for the last 6 months to assess them and make them perfect for our customers.

Positive Feedback for Kids and Family Cycles Team

Everyone loves it when someone says nice things about what you do, and we are no differenct here at Kids and Family Cycles. We do live and breath bikes, and yes, our hallway does resemble a bike shed, with all our boys bikes and my cargo bike, ready to go at the drop of a hat. Just the way we like it!

We also hope we are spreading the love of cycling, so love this feedback we received last week from a new young enthusiast.

“Dear Carolyn,

So excited about the  bike. Our daughter wanted to sleep in it. It was difficult to get her out because she loved it so much. She woke up this morning with first word, Bike. I might have a cyclist on my hands. 

Thanks ever so much.

We also received a bottle of lovely Australian red wine from a couple who felt we had given them beyond the call of duty after sales support with their cargo bike. It gave a great warm feeling….and we haven’t even consumed the wine yet!

If you want to try out our amazing range of over 20 cargo bikes and trikes, we are open tomorrow, Bank holiday Monday, by appointment.Just give us a call on 01425 270774

Someone’s pleased with their Christiania Bike Delivery – and dressed to match too!


One of the great pleasures of my job is the delivering of the bikes and yesterday was no exception. We deliver all of our bikes ouselves to make sure they arrive looking beautiful and unharmed, and we also remind you about all the features.

But we espeically love to see the squeals of delight as we present you with your new shiny pristine Christiania. This young lady even dressed to match. If you look closely you can see the bike logo on the T- shirt, so a bit of an ahhh factor too with this delivery.

Delivery by Kids and Family Cycles