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Inspired by the Younger Generation


With so many young boys addicted to gaming, it was great to see 8- 17 year olds being competitive and active yesterday at Basingstoke stadium. Despite the constant heavy cold showers, they were out there competing against others and themselves by aiming for personal best times.  

You truly felt that you were watching the next wave of athletes and I felt hope for cycling too that sport as an enjoyable pastime was still alive and kicking despite the UK’s obsession with gaming.

Well done Harvey. I was especially proud of you, when despite being tripped up by an older competitor, you got up and kept going.


Dogs Adopting Cargo Bikes is definitely Trending Here at Kids and Family Cycles


Yet another lucky dog has visited us today to try out cargo bikes as their new preferred way to travel. Looking good in the nihola with it’s lovely transparent front for an extra special view. You can also choose a nihola bike with an opening front to make it easy for your special dog to climb aboard.

Dogs always welcome to test ride cargo bikes at our workshop, just give us a call to book an appointment: 01425 270774

Cargo Bike Test Rides – You may be surprised by the one you choose




Not sure who enjoyed their cargo bike test ride at our workshop more, the lovely girl or the toy dog!

If you are beginning your search for a cargo bike for your family, the one thing we would recommend you do is ride any bike you are considering buying. If you don’t enjoy riding it, it will sit sadly in a corner unused. ALL these bikes ride differently and have different frame geometry etc etc, so you really may be surprised by the one you prefer riding more.

This weekend just confirmed this to a customer, who was amazed that 2 families chose totally different trikes after 2 hours of testing. One family chose the Christiania, another a nihola.

All families also really enjoyed a great day exploring the local area, which really is an area of natural beauty.

The families were also very pleased that they could try out so many different models in the same place on the same road surface, as they felt it truly allowed them to make an informed choice.

So, please give us a call or email if you would like any advice about choosing a cargo bike for your family or business, or would like to book an appointment to test ride all our cargo bikes at our workshop.

Author: Carolyn Roberts: 

Tel: 01425 270774



Great News – Kids and Family Cycles is now the UK distributor for the Zigo Leader Bike



We love the Zigo leader here at Kids and Family Cycles. It really is one of our most flexible and versatile cargo bikes. It’s light too, so ideal for hillier areas. It is also the only cargo trike in the UK which is easily portable, so you can take it anywhere.

When you reach your destination, it can become a stroller,jogger and a bike. So perfect for heading off into town or when commuting into work by bike.

We have been with the Zigo since it’s launch in the UK in 2009, so know it well and have many happy customers, and we have been impressed by it reliability.

It’s even featured on Dragon’s Den.

So give us a call to book an appointment to see and try the flexibility for yourself on 01425 270774

Take a look at our website: 


Ziggy’s New Addition to his Fleet of Wheels – a Shiny Red Christiania Cargo Bike



Ziggy has added a Shiny new Christiania bike to his transport options.Go Ziggy Go! Looks like he has spotted something interesting in the hedgerow.

Author:Carolyn Roberts:   Southern Christiania Stockist: 01425 270774

Come and try out our Shiny Red Christiania Cargo bike too. Call 01425 270774 to book an individual appointment

Nihola Cargo Bike Review – Limited Price offer from £1,985

Here’s a great nihola cargo bike video review by a US stockist.

We are really impressed with their video nihola cargo bike review. It just about covers why we think it is a great cargo bike at Kids and Family Cycles too.

One thing they did miss out is that the nihola cargo bike is now available as a 4 seater option too, so even if you have more than 2 children, you don’t have to miss out on the the great handling of the Nihola cargo bike.

We have also at Kids and Family Cycles been busy over the winter months researching and perfecting an electric conversion on the nihola cargo trike too, so give us a call on 01425 270774 or email on for more details.

If you are thinking about a cargo bike in the UK, you should not purchase one without riding this one in our opinion. Come to us and ride over 13 cargo bike and trikes to decide which one suits you. Simply Call me on 01425 270774,

Go to to see one of the best selections of cargo bikes and trikes in the UK.

We currently have a great price of £1,985 for a limited time, usual SRP £2,250. Get your nihola cargo bike now ready for Spring while this offer lasts, it really will change your life.

Author: Carolyn Roberts. Child transportation Specialist and mum of 4 boys at Kids and Family Cycles Ltd

Want Convincing that Cargo Bikes are Life Changing – Watch this Video

Less Car More Go video from Liz Canning. I really love this video and it made me want to just grab my sons and jump into our cargo bike immediately. I am totally smitten with my cargo bike life, and if you watch the video, you will see how much the children love it too. NEVER get a complaint that their school run is a cargo bike. No going back here in the UK

The Versatile Zigo Leader Cargo Bike – For Work, Rest and Play



Received this great review from Dawn recently. She gets the most from her investment of the Zigo Leader Cargo bike by using it for work and home life.

Dawn is a very keen rider, so was eager to get back on a bike as soon as possible when she became a mum. She really loves her Zigo, and encourages other mums to consider the Zigo leader cargo bike as an impressive cycling solution for mums in the UK.

Dawn also wrote her own review for Cycle Sprog

Please be aware that the Zigo is recommended in stroller and jogger mode under 1 year, but not cycle mode. Dawn was creative and designed her own solution with the car seat configuration.

Go to to see the Zigo as a jogger, stroller, trailer. It is also one of the most portable cargo bikes out there, so you can pop it in the car and go.