Soggy School Run – Ladies (and mens) cycling raincoats to the rescue

I know this really sounds illogical coming from a person with a science background, but why does it always rain between 8.30 and 9am and 3 to 3.30pm…….during the already stressful school run cargo bike run. It’s just mean. And of course lately it has been doing it A LOT.

I have therefore been spurred on to research any stylish raincoats out there that I can use on my cargo bike and use everyday. I spotted a few at the London Bike Show which I liked and have attached these, and then saw a….how convenient is that… of raincoats in this months Cycling Active magazine.  They reviewed the Ana Nichoola Hello Yello, Georgia in Dublin, Water off a Ducks Back Cassandra, Cycledelic Kimono, Rapha Women’s softshell, Vulpine Harrington and the best on budget choice Cycle Chic Navy(£34.99)

What I did  notice, is that if you want them to be visible then the Ana nichoola,Geogia in Dublin and Water off a ducks back modesl come with Hi Viz taping etc, so are great. We don’t stock any of them at the moment, so my personal choices are wholly independent and based on my own body shape and chosen use. 

I do want the Hi Viz aspect, so I narrowed it down to the the 3 above. If I was a very slim cyclist who looked great in lycra and being streamline was important to me, then I would have thought more about the Ana, but sadly, they didn’t have my size to try on at the London Bike Show to see if it is a “my thighs really do look big in this” moment. As a mum of 4 boys and a wife of a cyclist who looks great in lycra, I would not be described as slim, so I decided my size 12/14 body, would look better in the Georgia or the Water off a Ducks back. My dress style is more akin to the Water off a ducks back, so as I will be using this for mostly my cargo bike school run and for any cargo bike outdoor demos/exhibitions for work, I have decided to take the plunge with the more classic smart coat of the Water off a Ducks back one. However, I have tried the skirts by Georgia in Dublin and love these for when you get caught in the rain. I can see me popping one in my cargo bike. It would work as a blanket when not in use, and then can be used by me when needed. Decision made. Now I can go and be all girly about which colours I want them both in. Also from the reviews, the size of the Water off a Ducks back comes up big.

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About lifechangingbikes

Avid user of Cargo bikes and Cargo trikes with my 4 lively boys. Font of knowledge on cargo bikes, so if you have any burning questions, then please feel free to ping them my way.

2 responses to “Soggy School Run – Ladies (and mens) cycling raincoats to the rescue”

  1. comixminx says :

    Thanks for this – I’d never heard of Georgia in Dublin before and they have a lot of stuff that I’m very tempted by! I think I will be putting the Rainwrap and the Leggits on my wishlist for another time.

    • lifechangingbikes says :

      Hi Comixminx,

      They are lovely ladies at Georgia in Dublin and they have taken a lot of care in the designs. So I am sure you will be pleased with them.

      Thank you for your comments,
      Best wishes

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