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A Cargo Trike For Ziggy the Dog


We had a very special visitor to our workshop yesterday, Ziggy and his lovely owners. Ziggy is the ulitmate adventure dog and enjoys the thrill of sitting in his owners motorcycle side car.

We are pleased to hear that Ziggy would like to add a cargo bike to his fleet, and we had fun trying the cargo bikes to find the one for him and his family. Watch this space……


Cargo Bike Spring Sniff Test


We spotted a beautiful group of Hyacinths on our cargo bike school run yesterday. Sooo lovely to sniff….stop and sniff one today!

Croozer Kid 2 Bike Trailer to Follow Pilgrim’s Way


Very envious of this family embarking on training for a family adventure to run (yes run) the Pilgrim’s way from France to Spain next Summer in their new Croozer Kid 2 bike trailer in jogger mode. That’s is one laid back baby in his comfy Croozer infant sling.

Many precious memories have come flooding back of our own family 4 month tours following a very similar route. I hasten to add it was in a camper van, and we used our bike trailer for days out and for those big shopping trips.

They have promised to keep in touch, so I look forward to following their journey. I know it will be a bombardment of visual delights and family memories to treasure forever.

Getting itchy feet just writing about it………where should we go next…….tempting!

What a View to finish off my Cargo Bike Spinning Class – School run


How Lucky am I to have this view at the end of my school run? I feel refreshed and ready for a day’s work in the workshop. Much better than a gym class or using my car.

Life’s Sweet, the Japanese Way



We have welcomed a Japanese 16 year old student into our family for 10 days, and so it has been a joy to compare the different cultures.

As everyone kept telling me their culture is based around order and punctuality, we were worried about how it would all go. Our hallway resembles a bike shed, with all our bikes ready for action, so when he arrived we waited to see his reaction.

Turns out he is a bike enthusiast, so ended up on a bike within 10 minutes of arriving to explore the area. He fits in just fine!

We love the sweets he bought too. Green leaf kit kat extremely yummy…….not so sure about the sour plums though.

Our Christiania Bike arrives for lambing!



.Yes, our Christiania Bike travelled to a farm yesterday and we arrived just after a lamb had arrived. Sadly his mum would not produce any milk so he was snuggled up in the very cosy farm kitchen covered in a fleece coat. We nearly got more than we bargained for when the customer said we could have it if we liked. Tempting to see the look of awe on the boys’ faces, but my head stepped in and declined the lovely offer, 4 guinea pigs is enough at the moment. Maybe at a different stage in my life.

A Stunning Kangaroo Lite


Just love the colour of recent delivery. A blue Winther Kangaroo LITE. The customers were delighted too.  The Lite is cheaper than the original Luxe model, but we think it still performs well and looks great.

Also the Kangaroo has been listed by the Cyclist’s Union as one of the top 3 cargo bikes to seriously consider when purchasing. Defintely worth a test ride, and we have a demo model of the Kangaroo LIte and Luxe here at Kids and Family Cycles.

We are open weekends, so book yourself in for an appointment and explore the area in the sunshine afterwards. We are 300m away from the beach and the Beach Hut Cafe which has Mr Whippy’s to die for! What more could a family need.

Author: Carolyn Roberts, Kids and Family Cycles : 


Who Says a Girl can’t Shop Even When Riding a Bike

Ever got up in the morning and decided a gentle cycle will help loosen up those stiff muscles for the day?

Well, with 4 boys to get ready for school, a quick jaunt into the New Forest is not possible any more, so I thought maybe our exercise bike would suffice. Switch on the TV and go. However, it was stuck on one of those irritating shopping channels and  to make matters worse, I got sucked into purchasing a domesticated gadget that would transform my life…….yes a life changing steam mop!

My friends reading this are now choking on their tea, as domestic goddess would not be high on my list of skills, but my concept is that it will leave me more time to enjoy the outdoor life,my cargo bike and my lovely boys. Time will tell! Anyone welcome to come and try out my mop.


Author, Carolyn Roberts; 

Mine’s a slice of cargo bike please



Ummmm Yummy. A cake made for one of our cargo bike fans. Credit goes to for creating a cargo bike into a cake design. Amazing. I bet they taste as good as they look too.

My Christiania Bike – Friend Maker

OK, so the title sounds a bit fluffy and ethereal, but it stems from reading Michael Cody’s book “The Urban Bike”.

While sat in a cold changing room during my sons New Forest running club last night (amazing club by the way), I multi tasked my way to page 18, and already he has me thinking about how my Christiania bike is life changing in more ways than I thought.

Michael says, ” The Urban biker will have more opportunities for social interaction 

– You are more personally present on a bike

– On a bike it’s quite a simple thing to just stop and check it out

– More opportunity for a smile and a wave to lift both the giver and the recipient.

So I reflect on my own experience the day before, and you know he is a savvy guy.

So…..I take my Christiania bike for school pick up,

1) We collect a play date – social interaction number 1

2) We stop off at the park and I have a really lovely interaction with 2 mums I have not spoken with before – 2

3) While rounding up the children in the surrounding field, I start talking to a elderly couple on a bench. Like me they have 4 sons, but running around after them has gone now and they are scattered around the world.

Skype must be a godsend for you then I say. They reply that no one has put it on their computer. So we swap numbers and I am off there next week for tea and to load it on for them. 

Doesn’t get more social and life changing then making new friends and helping a delightful couple in your community to connect with their family.

Author: Carolyn Roberts: