3 Things I loved about my Cargo bike on a school run. Share yours

So often, when I am running late as a busy mum, the car sits there tempting me to use it rather than my family cargo bike, however, without doubt, every time I use my cargo bike instead, I glow with the experience afterwards, and wonder why I would ever want to do a school run with a car.

So despite the winds, I braved the school run on a Christiania bike, and so I am sharing the things I loved about it this particular day, to inspire others to think about the cargo bike as a better mode of transport for school runs. You will not be disappointed.

1) You and your family connect with the world around you more. We saw so many amazing natural visions on our school run

2) We collected Guinea pig food. 4 happy squeaking guinea pigs greeted us when they laid eyes on the lush fresh dandelion leaves

3) We always combine scooting with running on our way home, and I can keep up with all of them on my cargo bike, and when their little legs get tired, they bundle themselves in for the journey home.

Safely home, everyone exercised,including mum, everyone happy!ImageImage


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About lifechangingbikes

Avid user of Cargo bikes and Cargo trikes with my 4 lively boys. Font of knowledge on cargo bikes, so if you have any burning questions, then please feel free to ping them my way.

2 responses to “3 Things I loved about my Cargo bike on a school run. Share yours”

  1. Caroline Mumford says :

    I love that our cargo bike makes people smile! The bike is always preference to the car and come Sept I will be doing the school run every day on her but I am looking forward to it, want to be all weathers so any poncho type coats you can recommend would be great xx

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