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Next Generation of Cargo Bike/Cycling Enthusiasts is in our |Hands Ladies

Came across this quote from a lady on the link below.

“As mothers, teachers and caregivers, women have the greatest influence on future generations. Attracting and developing more female riders is our opportunity to push cycling into the mainstream, thus leading to safer, stronger cycling communities”

I know it sounds like I am blowing the female trumpet here, but it does make  you realise what a great impact the mums have on their children and the hobbies they take up. So take the challenge, do your children tend to do what you like to to? Well….in our case, yes they do, here’s a picture of my son’s last birthday present, Image

so perhaps the author is right! 

Author: Carolyn Roberts, Cargo Bike and cycling enthusiasts and owner of 

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Nihola Cargo Bike Baby with Hi Viz stripes



Love this picture today of our nihola bike delivery in North London. The baby grow really does look like she is ready for cargo bike adventures with her hiz viz pockets.   It has been a real pleasure to help mum and babe choose the right cargo bike for them in London


Zigo Leader Cargo Bike Birthday Surprise


I always really enjoy delivering the cargo bikes to customers, especially when the sun is shining and we have been with them every step of the way. What made this delivery even more special is that it was a birthday surprise and the two little passengers were extremely adorable. Have fun with your ZigoImage

All Ability Cycling – Join the next ride





Been examining the route today for the next EMpowered people ride on 10th/11th May. New riders always welcome. This is a great charity we love and support, and Martin is in training for the ride. Hopefully our 2 older boys will support him in his training too. Love this image and sentiment from their website

Here’s their event calendar for 2014  

They really are a great group of riders and fully embrace our Life Changing Bikes ethos.



Cargo Bike Comes to the Rescue – Christiania Bike Long Cleans Up

After any storm comes the calm……and then the clearing up! Our Christiania Bike Long H+30 was  put to good use yesterday clearing up some of the debris.  By next Winter the logs should be all dry and ready to roast on our wood burner. Need a good Summer first though.Image

We swapped cargo bike wheels for ice skates blades today

In honour of the Olympics today, we decided to go ice skatingImage.

I know it’s not wheels, but it is another form of human powered pursuit. If you haven’t been since your teens like me, then it’s a great blast into the past. When I arrived that they were playing tainted love and I felt 16 again in spirit ( not physically sadly). I then went even younger when Grease started. The children all really enjoyed it too, although the skates are still as uncomfortable as they were in the 80’s, shame! By the end of the session we all had a much greater respect for the skaters we have been watching in the Olympics, so wishing the UK well in the speed skating. We also, as ever marvel at Grandpa, who at the age of 73, still skated circles around us all!!

3 Things I loved about my Cargo bike on a school run. Share yours

So often, when I am running late as a busy mum, the car sits there tempting me to use it rather than my family cargo bike, however, without doubt, every time I use my cargo bike instead, I glow with the experience afterwards, and wonder why I would ever want to do a school run with a car.

So despite the winds, I braved the school run on a Christiania bike, and so I am sharing the things I loved about it this particular day, to inspire others to think about the cargo bike as a better mode of transport for school runs. You will not be disappointed.

1) You and your family connect with the world around you more. We saw so many amazing natural visions on our school run

2) We collected Guinea pig food. 4 happy squeaking guinea pigs greeted us when they laid eyes on the lush fresh dandelion leaves

3) We always combine scooting with running on our way home, and I can keep up with all of them on my cargo bike, and when their little legs get tired, they bundle themselves in for the journey home.

Safely home, everyone exercised,including mum, everyone happy!ImageImage

Beach huts gone, but my Christiania Bike stayed put

Woke up this morning to the aftermath of a big wind storm. Just 300 metres away from our house, the sea plucked away at a row of beach huts, which were seen bobbing in the sea last night, but this morning they had been smashed into pieces and beach hut contents laid strewn across the sand. The cycle bars didn’t fair too well either! I was relieved to see my Christiania bike still sitting obediently for me on the porch ready for our next family errand. My heart does go out to all those poor beach hut owners this morning.


Tandem Bike- Those that bike together stay together!

Tandem Bike- Those that bike together stay together!

Some great tandem bike adventures before our little boys arrived on the scene